APV design and implement dynamic electricity markets that also support wheeling, imports, exports and trading

APV produce standardised as well as customised reports on SAPP market trading

APV undertake market studies to determine the value of new supply options

APV work with electricity end-users to model their decarbonisation strategies and future clean energy systems

APV develop enabling tariffs and regulation to manage systemic changes due to distributed generation and energy storage

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SAPP Market Reports

Standardised or customised reports on SAPP market trading, delivered daily to your inbox.

Demand Forecast Reports

Electricity demand forecast for SAPP countries to 2050.

SAPP Pricing Reports

Long-term price forecasts for SAPP markets, including captured prices for PV and Wind.


Our services can be split into three interrelated areas: Enabling Environments, Project Advisory & Modelling Tools.


Electricity Market Design & Implementation
APV designs and supports the implementation of progressive models for electricity markets, aligned with the needs of African countries. This includes, trading arrangements, tariff unbundling, wheeling charges, balancing services, scheduling & dispatch, metering & reconciliations and security.

Market Modelling & Analysis
We use sophisticated modelling techniques to develop historical analyses, market price, market volumes and nodal flow forecasts for the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) markets. Underpinned by our experience and deep understanding of the market dynamics, policy and regulation of the SAPP member countries.

Decarbonisation & Clean Energy Supply
We work with electricity consumers to determine pathways to meet decarbonisation targets, either via co-located RE plant, wheeled energy or offsetting in the SAPP. APV models alternative supply options, taking into account local and regional clean energy supply and storage opportunities.

Generation Expansion Planning & Market Studies
We conduct market studies for power project developers and utilities to determine the commercial viability of their projects. This includes determining the demand for the power both within the market and regionally. APV develop independent demand forecasts as well as hourly annual least-cost expansion plans to assess the value of the plant in the system.

Tariff Studies
For two decades, APV have worked with utilities, transmission companies and distributors to develop efficient tariff methodologies, tariff application models & tools, and tariff management strategies to support affordability and financial viability. This has enabled stakeholders to forecast long term price paths and the migration to cost reflectivity.

Policy & Regulation
We work with governments and key industry stakeholders to develop policy and regulation which meets the challenges of the evolving electricity market landscape. Recently, this has included regulations which address energy storage and charging, net-metering, intermittency and system flexibility, demand side flexibility, trading and distributed generation.



and Empowering the
Energy Industry

By assisting multiple stakeholders in these regions, APV have built up a broad understanding of the real issues faced by governments, regulators, market participants and end-users. This 360° view provides immediate expertise in order to assess viability of project success as well as improving risk mitigation.

Through over 25 years of project work, APV have learnt the value of local partnerships in enhancing project success. The right local partner can provide critical context to project, open channels of communication to key stakeholders and can address localisation issues.


APVG successfully completed a definitive market study of Mozambique, which helped the development of the Central Térmica de Temane gas-fired project, including with the approvals of our core multilateral lending institutions. They have an excellent modelling approach and unparalleled understanding of the SAPP and the regional power sector.  APVG are my first call for complex analyses of regional power dynamics.

John Smelcer
Business Development Director, Globeleq

Maree and Marc worked with the ECB to successfully design a new market structure, market rules, wheeling arrangements and tariff unbundling, which will encourage more market participants in the Namibian electricity industry and ultimately, lower prices. We believe that this has helped Namibia to become a market leader which encourages private bilateral transactions and exports into the SAPP.

Pinehas Mutota
General Manager: Economic Regulation, Electricity Control Board, Namibia

APVG successfully completed a market study of Malawi and the SAPP for the IFC, key for the development of the Mpatamanga hydro power project. They have an excellent modelling approach and understanding of the SAPP and the region.

Tonci Bakovic
Chief Energy Specialist, International Finance Corporation

APVG have an unparalleled understanding of the SAPP and the SADC region. They produced a highly informative assessment report of the SAPP and its workings which helped Solarcentury Africa to make informed decisions, I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jason de Carteret
Africa Development Director, Solarcentury